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Robbins Brothers Store Experience

What To Expect In Store

Pleased to Meet You

Welcome to a different kind of place. You're not in a jewelry store — you are in The Engagement Ring Store.

When you visit, expect more gorgeous rings than you have ever seen in one place. Expect a shopping experience unlike any other. Expect to meet experts who will help you find exactly what you need — and know exactly what you are going through. The nerves. The jitters. The excitement!

This is an incredible time, and we love playing a part in it. Call us crazy about love. We're good with that. It's why we do what we do every single day.

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So How Does This Work?

Of course finding the perfect ring is your goal - so start by choosing from the largest selection of ring settings under one roof. Then pair that beautiful setting with a breath taking Engagement Diamond to complete the ring. Lastly, get the peace-of-mind you want with our industry leading warranties and guarantees. Yep, easy as 1,2,3!

First, discover your ring by learning about our Modern, Vintage, and Classic styles. Or browse our extensive collections featuring the hottest designer names and style trends.

We encourage you to try on as many rings as you like, feel their weight, see the beauty of their detailing first hand. Then we'll show you how our quality standards set our rings apart from the rest.

Next, complete your ring with a girl's best friend — a diamond! Every diamond we offer has the quality to last a lifetime. That's why we call them engagement diamonds.

Having the industry's pickiest buyers means we offer the finest diamonds possible. Only 1 in 10 diamonds makes the cut. Explore these beauties up-close in our Diamond Viewing Room. It's an experience only available at your nearest Robbins Brothers location.

We believe in happily-ever-after, especially when it comes to service and support. Our trained experts make sure your experience is the best the industry offers. We can't be happy if our customers are not.

Your ring also benefits from the best support and care. We make sure it is as beautiful as the day you got engaged with our incredible warranties and 110% diamond guarantee.

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