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How to Measure Ring Size

The rule of thumb when it comes to sizing the ring finger is definitely not attempt to guess the ring size. We know that the surprise factor is important when it comes to the proposal, but it is strongly recommended that when you are "just browsing" for engagement rings that you have an experienced associate size the ring finger.

If you haven't had a chance to get an exact ring size, we can help. See our educational videos and tools to learn how to measure ring size and get tips to help you get that perfect ring in the perfect size.

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Tips for the Most Accurate Ring Sizing

  • When measuring ring size, the weather affects finger sizes. When it’s hot, fingers are generally more swollen. When it’s cold, or in an air conditioned environment, fingers are thinner.
  • The fingers on the right and left hands can vary in size, so measure the size of the exact finger the ring will be worn on.
  • If in doubt about the true ring size, visit a local jeweler and have them measure your finger with a finger-sizing ring. If the ring will be a surprise, order a ring that is as close as possible to the actual ring size and then have the ring sized to fit the wearer’s finger after the proposal.
  • Note that eternity rings (diamonds in a complete circle) cannot be re-sized after-the-fact and have to be ordered in the exact size to fit the finger.

Helpful Tools

Measure Your Ring Size at Home:

Ring Sizer Information Guide
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