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Covid-19 Update: Our stores in Texas, Scottsdale, AZ and San Diego, CA are now open. On June 5th, our California showrooms in Montclair, Riverside, Fullerton, and Costa Mesa will reopen. Our Glendale, Woodland Hills, and Torrance stores will open on June 8th. For now, Seattle and Bellevue, WA remain closed . Learn more

Robbins Brothers Store Locations

Find your nearest Robbins Brothers Engagement Ring Store. We’re not your average jewelry store. Our concierge service, in-house master jewelers, and 5-star reviews are just the start. Add to that, hand-selected diamonds, an unparalleled designer selection, complete customization, and a lifetime of warranties and complimentary perks—and you have a jewelry experience unlike any other. With nearly 100 years of promises, commitments, engagements, and proposals we have that perfect something for every love and every milestone celebrated together.

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Phoenix / Scottsdale

7435 E. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd | Scottsdale, AZ 85260

(Located between In-N-Out Burger and Buffalo Wild Wings, off of Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.)

(480) 787-2323


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