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RB Select Natural Diamond

Natural diamonds backed by 103 years of excellence

Our century-long love affair with natural diamonds is reflected in every RB Select natural diamond we sell. Born of billions of years of heat and pressure within the earth's core, these rare, world-class gems possess unique inclusions and unparalleled characteristics that underscore the powerful geological forces and improbable alchemy that created them. Steeped in cultural and historical significance and tradition, RB Select natural diamonds have long symbolized passion and romance. Each one is as precious, unique, and radiant as true love itself—RB Select natural diamonds exemplify the enduring love they represent.

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The RB Select Natural Diamond Difference
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Far beyond certifications and the 4C’s, every RB Select natural diamond is hand-selected by our expert diamond curator to be among the most radiant and flawlessly structured in the world. Sourced only from trusted and ethical purveyors—in strict accordance with the Kimberley Process, our painstaking selection process goes far beyond certifications and the 4Cs, contributing to the unmatched beauty, quality, and lifelong value of every RB Select diamond.

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Best-in-Class Selection

The coveted RB Select name is awarded only to one-in-ten natural diamonds from the world’s top suppliers. This scrupulousness reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence that distinguishes Robbins Brothers from others in our class.

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Personalized Diamond Discovery

We believe that the informed shopper gets the best diamond, which is why our in-store Diamond Discovery Experiences are designed around loose diamonds, expert guidance, and professional tools that allow you to experience and buy diamonds exactly like we do.

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Greatest overall lifetime value

With unique characteristics, inclusions, and limited supply, RB Select natural diamonds are a valuable and sought-after luxury. Considered a symbol of prosperity and opulence—they are rare and coveted symbols of enduring love that often become treasured heirlooms. RB Select natural diamonds offer superior overall lifetime value reflected in our competitive market pricing, industry-leading Lifetime Guarantee, and 110% Trade-Up Warranty.

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Positive Community Impact

RB Select diamonds come only from the world’s most trusted mining partners who invest in local infrastructure and contribute to developing essential amenities such as roads, ports, and electrical grids. This commitment enhances the livelihoods of surrounding communities, fostering growth and progress and cultivating a skilled workforce that positively impacts the local economy beyond the lifespan of the mine.

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