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Exclusively Designed for You by Robbins Brothers


Every ring that carries the Robbins Brothers name has been inspected to meet our highest quality standards of beautifully matched side diamonds, gorgeous polish and finish and strong foundation. Our Lifetime Diamond Warranty covers every diamond in your engagement ring including the center diamond. This is quality we can stand behind.

Signature Ring Signature Ring

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Poem Ring Poem Ring

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Eternalle Ring Eternalle Ring

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Mosaic Ring Mosaic Ring

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Suns And Roses Ring Suns And Roses Ring

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Utwo Ring Utwo Ring

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Cherish Ring Cherish Ring

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Luxe Collection Luxe Collection

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Modern Solitaire Collection Modern Solitaire Collection

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Before You Buy

It’s a big deal, buying a ring.
Before you decide—look, listen, learn, and get the information you need to turn this big decision into the right decision.

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It Starts with You

We’re committed to offering you personalized support based on your wants, needs, and budget.

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Quality Matters

A ring designed for forever should be created with meticulous attention to detail and enduring quality—from custom and proprietary designs to the partners we work with.

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Diamond Guarantee

We’re all about commitment—yours and ours—which is why our support and your engagement diamond will last as long as your love. We call it our Diamond Guarantee and it delivers 3x’s the benefits and perks:
lifetime trade up, lifetime complimentary warranty against a diamond falling out or cracking, and price match.