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Celebrity-Adored Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Combine the brilliance of a traditional round cut with the stunning beauty of a princess cut and voilá: the elegant Cushion Cut Diamond. Many brides consider the cushion cut diamond engagement ring to be the most romantic of all ring styles, perhaps because it’s reminiscent of a ring worn by a beloved grandmother. We do know that Jennifer Garner and other celebs love to show off their cushion cut engagement rings.


Inspired by Romance: The Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

It's no wonder the cushion cut engagement ring has been worn as a symbol of love since the nineteenth century. The larger facets of the cushion diamond reflect light in the most romantic way, inspiring two assortments: the Henri Daussi designer line of handcrafted engagement rings, offered at select stores, and the Candlelight Collection of cushion cut diamond engagement rings, available exclusively at Robbins Brothers.


Spectacular Engagement Ring Settings for Cushion Cut Diamonds

The ideal ring setting for your cushion cut diamond is whatever your heart desires. First select the cushion cut diamond that puts a big smile on your face. Then find the engagement ring setting that makes you want to dance. Go modern with a simple cushion cut solitaire setting or surround your cushion cut diamond with a halo of diamonds. The choice is yours. And you have hundreds of choices at Robbins Brothers.



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