Robbins Brothers e3 Diamond

Exclusive Lab-Created Diamond.

Visually beautiful diamonds aren’t exclusively sourced from the earth. Robbins Brothers is pleased to offer the e3 Diamond, a diamond that is cultured in a laboratory and is 100% authentic. The e3 lab-created diamond possesses the same exceptional color, clarity, and brilliance as the highest quality mined diamonds.

  • Conflict-Free Guarantee
  • Laser-Inscribed for Security
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Certified
  • 110% Diamond Guarantee
  • 110% Trade-Up

The e3 lab-created diamond is cut and polished to exact proportions by master diamond cutters. Only the most exquisite diamonds will earn the e3 name after a meticulous inspection by our discerning diamond buyers.
Find stunning Round and Princess cut e3 lab-created, ecologically friendly diamonds at Robbins Brothers stores in Fullerton, Glendale, Mission Viejo, Montclair, Riverside, San Diego,Torrance, Woodland Hills, Arlington, Dallas, Houston/Clearlake, Houston/Loop, Bellevue and Seattle.

e3 Diamonds At Robbins Brothers