Selection, Quality and Beauty Unmatched

All of our diamonds meet the high standards of being an engagement diamond. Our discerning buyers hand-select each and every diamond in our engagement diamond collections.

  • Only 1 out of 10 diamonds make the cut
  • Selected for visual beauty and intense sparkle
  • Chosen for structural integrity and quality
  • Never fracture filled or laser drilled
  • Responsibly sourced and conflict free

We stand behind our quality 110% with our diamond guarantee. Every engagement diamond comes with a 110% Sparkle guarantee, 110% Trade-up value and 110% Lifetime warranty.

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In-Store Experience

Become a Diamond Expert. Use the tools the pros use to see diamonds up-close & in person.

  • Relaxed shopping in a friendly, comfortable environment
  • Trained gemologist to guide you through every step
  • Incredible selection of engagement diamonds to view
  • The Diamond Viewing Room experience: Look at diamonds the way the professionals do

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110% Diamond Guarantee

The guarantee that's better in three beautiful ways.

We stand behind every engagement diamond we offer… for life.

  • 110% Lifetime Diamond Warranty
  • 110% Trade-Up Guarantee
  • 110% Sparkle Guarantee

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Diamond Education

From quality standards and responsible sourcing to the good old 4C's… and beyond.

  • Understanding the 4C's and how we go beyond them
  • Learn about our quality standards
  • Explore different shapes and cuts
  • Get to know our conflict-free commitment

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