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Sure, you'll want to get the engagement ring style right, but it's also just as important to make the marriage proposal memorable and personal. Don't settle for the ordinary. Because the marriage proposal is for the other person, think about something they would enjoy or would love to experience.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate but it should be meaningful. We have some marriage proposal ideas that can help you ask that ever important question. If your first date was at the zoo, pop the question in front of the gorilla exhibit. Is she a thrill-seeker? Then set up a banner on the ground with "Will You Marry Me?" that she'll see as she skydives out of a plane. And for the romantic who would prefer a private marriage proposal, surprise her with the ring under the stars at a moonlight picnic, or in a horse-drawn carriage in a park or your city's historical district. Use your imagination…your proposal should be as unique as your love.

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