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Promise Rings

A promise to love, honor and cherish. A Promise Ring, also known as a pre-engagement ring, says you'll be there for her now and in the future. You are pledging your commitment to her.

Don't know what a Promise Ring is? Learn about Promise Rings in this video.

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Promise Rings

A Symbol of Your Commitment.

If your relationship is everything you've ever hoped for, but wedding bells and building a life together are still a few years away, a Promise Ring will let her know how you really feel. A pre-engagement ring, or the Promise Ring, is given as a pledge to your ongoing commitment to each other.

Until you have reached a point where you both feel stable more stable, your careers are growing, and you are both ready to call the Wedding Planner, a Promise Ring is a beautiful way to share with the world the love you share together.

While most promise rings are symbols of a pre-engagement, there are some other common uses for promise rings:

Abstinence – Often called “purity rings”, this is a ring symbolizing the commitment to remain celibate until marriage.

Friendship – Sometimes good friends exchange promise rings as a way to symbolize their friendship to each other.

Monogamy – The promise ring may be given to show a partner they are committed to a monogamous relationship and will only be with them.

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