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Floor Manager in Training


WE ARE (LITERALLY) IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE! There are few things in life as magical as a marriage proposal. This once-in-a-lifetime moment for our guests is part of our everyday lives. We're romantics at heart who spend our days celebrating the art of the ring, the majesty of diamonds, the perfect proposal, and something borrowed and blue. Every time we step onto a showroom floor or engage with guests virtually, our primary focus is on creating joy, plain and simple. Not bad for a day’s work!

Here, we celebrate our personal milestones as much as our guests with a supportive and rewarding work environment and one of the industry's most competitive compensation packages. We cultivate brighter futures with recognition, awards, education, mentorship, and opportunity, which helps each of us develop and grow in ways we never imagined. A career at Robbins Brothers is not just a job; it's a life-changing proposal that's impossible to refuse.


While unwaveringly committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and multi-cultural environment—we also seek out team members who share our values. That means we actively look for people (like you) who are collaborative, open, creative, passionate, warm, curious, accommodating, and courteous, with a thirst for knowledge, a passion for jewelry, a fondness for fun, a generous heart, and a community-minded spirit. Above all, we’re looking for those who are unabashedly and unapologetically in love with love.

This spirit is seen and felt in our showrooms, offices, and core brand values that have remained unchanged for 100 years and counting. Robbins Brothers offers a flexible work schedule that includes a combination of remote and on-site, as well as flexible hours.


Robbins Brothers is currently seeking experienced sales and management professionals to join our Floor Manager in Training (FMIT) with an aim to assume future leadership positions within our retail jewelry stores.

The successful FMIT candidate will work as a commission sales associate while developing management competencies. Future leaders within our selling organization must first be recognized as sales leaders, able to both personally sell and sell through others.

Candidates for leadership in the Floor Manager in Training will be required to:

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Reach individual sales goals

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Prove ability to drive store revenue through brainstorm and TO's and consistently makes store quotas

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Exceed the guest expectations and monitor guest satisfaction

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Prove they can successfully sell using the 7 essentials.

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Maintain Tier 2 status consistently throughout the program.

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Complete the Diamond Council of America certification within 90 days of enrollment in the FMIT program.

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Enroll in the Leadership Training Program (LTP) within 90 days enrollment in the FMIT program. Enrollment in these programs requires approval of the District Manager or VP of Stores and approval is based on overall performance.

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Pass the appropriate LTPF assessment test prior to being placed in a leadership role.

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Achieve acceptable performance evaluations

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Effectively function in a team environment, integrate into the Robbins Brothers culture, and exemplify our Values.

Floor Manager in Training candidates will be compensated as full-time commission sales associates. Additionally, they will receive a compensation guarantee during their first 90 days of employment.

FMITs will be evaluated monthly to assess both learning and performance. Goal congruency between the candidate and Robbins Brothers will be evaluated continuously. Candidates, who are identified as not being goal congruent, operate outside of Robbins Brothers values or who do not exhibit the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a successful leader for Robbins Brothers will not be retained in the program.

The projected timeline for the FMIT training program is estimated to be approximately 6 to 9 months. Every candidate is different, and this timeline is not a guarantee of promotion. If at any time during the program it is determined that the candidate is not progressing at a pace and competency level to be considered for a leadership role, the candidate will be removed from the program and either offered an available alternate position for which they are qualified or separated from employment.

This program is not intended to be an employment contract and does not carry with it any form of guarantee or implication that employment will continue for any length of time. Robbins Brothers is an “At Will” employer. It is expressly understood that you or Robbins Brothers may terminate employment at any time without prejudice.




Costa Mesa, CA

Torrance, CA

Arlington, TX

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