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Eat, drink and be marry with today’s hottest designers and their most swoon-worthy pieces. Shop a stunning selection of engagement rings, wedding bands and totally new statement pieces – straight from the source.

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Henri Daussi Ring

Henri Daussi

Every ring in this collection is one of a kind, so we invite you to visit and witness the quality and sparkle of a ring that bears the Henri Daussi name. Henri Daussi is proud to be known as one of Europe's premier engagement ring jewelers and diamond manufacturers. Founded in Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond capital of the world, Henri Daussi has provided customers with innovative diamond and jewelry designs of unsurpassed craftsmanship for generations. European artisans use modern technology coupled with old world craftsmanship to ensure that each diamond is cut to reflect its full potential and beauty.

Tacori Necklace


From under the California sun, Tacori creates the most intricately crafted artisan jewelry in the world. Each authentic TACORI ring is hand-crafted by Californian artisans who elevate craftsmanship into artistry. Fusing heirloom elegance with modern styling, TACORI wedding rings and diamond ring settings are famous for their signature crescent silhouette styling, which marks each piece unique and recognizably "TACORI".


Each Gabriel engagement ring is masterfully handcrafted with one-of-a-kind details to complement what makes you unique and beautiful. Experience the finest quality Gabriel and Co. engagement rings and Gabriel and Co. wedding bands matched with unparalleled customer service. Gabriel and Co. rings are tailored to who you are, what you wear and who you want to be. The extensive line of timeless pieces encompasses impeccable artistry, balancing classic elements with fashion-forward design, which can be personalized to become your unique statement, perfect for every unforgettable moment!

Simon G Ring

Simon G

In Simon G.'s modern workshops, the most innovative designs are born, and then developed into superbly crafted award-winning pieces of jewelry. Simon's parents instilled three lasting values that fuel his passion and drive his creative process. First, make each piece with the same love and pride as if you were making it for yourself. Second, create pieces to be enjoyed by future generations, withstanding the test of time. Finally, always possess the humble heart of a servant. It is against this backdrop of old-world tradition and the pursuit of perfection that Simon G. built one of today's most loved fine jewelry brands.

MICHAEL M Engagement Rings


Discover the world of MICHAEL M, a luxury bridal and fashion jewelry company handcrafting custom designs for the modern woman. MICHAEL M redefines modern luxury, bringing European-style sophistication and elegance into the jewelry industry. The energy and spirit of “Live More” is in the very DNA of every MICHAEL M design. Known for masterfully handcrafted pieces, MICHAEL M jewelry showcase unique under-stone polishing and custom blend of alloy metals. Milligrain details, hand-engraving, and meticulous attention to detail make them a favorite amongst their retail partners and clients alike. Explore what it means to “Live More” with MICHAEL M today.

Henri Daussi Ring

Coast Diamond

Coast Diamond by Jay Gilbert. Jay presents new designs that are gorgeous and fashionable, appealing to tastes that range from sweetly subtle to boldly sophisticated. Charisma, featuring stellar design and craftsmanship, is the newest and most exciting Coast Collection. Since 1978 Coast has designed classic to romantic bridal jewelry with the highest quality standards. Each ring reflects a heritage of superior design and quality. Exquisite, artful and graceful, with precise details; these are the attributes that make the Coast Diamond Bridal Collection truly special.

DIVINE Engagement Rings


Each engagement ring and wedding band in the DIVINE collection is handcrafted by a design team at their in-house studios in New York. Every step of production from the artist's sketches to the final finished product is completed with the utmost care and highest standards in mind. From the fine quality diamonds to the engraving and millwork, there’s impeccable attention to every detail. Robbins Brothers is proud to offer masterfully designed engagement rings and wedding bands from the DIVINE collection.