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Adulting: The Series

Wrap Battle

On this episode, we meet newlyweds, Natalia and Matt, as they make new holiday traditions. Before the chaos of Christmas, the two have decided to have a fun, intimate gift exchange at home. They also have decided to engage in a friendly gift wrapping competition. Who wins the title of “Best Wrapper”? Watch to find out!


The Jewelry: His & Hers

Natalia and Matt got their rings at Robbins Brothers. For all the details on their selections and to see similar sparkling styles, read here or stop by one of our stores.


On the Menu: Cranberry Margaritas

Looking for a refreshing cocktail to make for your upcoming holiday event? We’ve got you covered.
Made for the season of parties, the cranberry margarita puts a festive spin on a forever favorite. Recipe details below!

Cranberry Margarita

Cranberry Margaritas


Adulting: Previous Episodes

Adulting: Friendsgiving Challenge

We’re giving newly engaged couples a budget and a deadline and asking them to host tasty holiday gatherings
for their families and friends. Want to know how a holiday feast for under $200 turns out?


What Are They Wearing?

Our couples found their rings here at Robbins Brothers!
See what they chose and explore similar collections at our store!

What's On the Menu?

$200 for six people (with drinks!) can be tight! Take a look at the delicious meal our couple put together!
And click the links below for all the recipes!


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