How do you know the best proposal plan?

The perfect proposal is made of three ingredients:

The first ingredient is YOU! There’s a reason she’s been with you all this time and wants to be with you forever. You love each other. Have faith in that.

The second ingredient? You’ve found the perfect engagement ring. It fits her finger. It fits her style. It fits your budget. Maybe you even bought it with her. No matter…she wants it, and you’ve got it. Nice going.

The third ingredient? You know how to make this moment and proposal personal. You’ve actually written down some words about how you feel. Thought about the places and things you’ve shared. Thought about who you want to share this moment with…the world, your family and friends… or is it an intimate moment that is only shared with each other?

Don’t worry… with these 3 ingredients, all of the answers are right, because this is your time and this is meant to be.

Marriage Proposals