Up Close. Personal. Beautiful.

Expert, friendly service and hands-on learning combine for an unmatched engagement diamond experience.

What To Expect

No one else treats you to an engagement diamond shopping experience quite like we do. Finding your engagement diamond should not be difficult or challenging. In fact, it should be fun with you feeling confident about your purchase every step of the way.

We give you your own viewing room to take your time and really look at and compare engagement diamonds. You’ll also get to see different shapes, sizes and colors as you select from our extensive collection of loose diamonds.

Our relaxed atmosphere, highly-trained experts and professional diamond buying tools give you the confidence to select the engagement diamond that is perfect for you. Our goal is to make sure that your entire experience at Robbins Brothers is just as incredible as your engagement diamond.

Come Visit Our Diamond Viewing Room

View diamonds the way our experts do. We give you the tools to choose the perfect engagement diamond. Sit back. Relax. Say "ooh" and "ahh."

Personal Private Diamond Viewing Room


Once in our store, you will be escorted by a sales associate to your very own Diamond Viewing Room (DVR) to view engagement diamonds. Yes, that’s how we got the unique name for the room. Your journey begins here.

Inside the "DVR"

Once inside, our Associate will show you how to judge and compare loose diamonds using proper lighting, a gemscope and a paper grading tray - just like a professional diamond buyer would.

Judge and Compare Loose Diamonds

The Grading Tray

First, you will view your loose diamonds under proper lighting in a color grading tray. Engagement diamonds are viewed "loose" so that no imperfections are covered by the ring setting. Our lighting will show your diamond’s true color and enable you to compare each diamond accurately.

Learn to grade diamond quality.

The Gemscope

Next, you will get to view your engagement diamond under a 10x magnification gemscope. The gemscope allows you to see any imperfections in the diamond and compare your diamonds in a way you never could with the naked eye.

Use a gemscope to see diamonds up close.

Verify Diamond Weight

After you have compared your diamonds up close under the gemscope, your engagement diamond will be weighed in front of you. It’s crucial to know the exact carat weight of the diamond, as just a difference of a point or two can significantly change the cost of a diamond.

Verify diamond carat weight.

Thank You

So ends our tour of the Diamond Viewing Room experience. At this point, you will have chosen the perfect engagement diamond for your taste and budget… and have the confidence of knowing that you understand, in a hands-on way, everything you need to know about the wonderful world of engagement diamonds.

Choose perfect diamond for your budget.