Only 1 of 10 diamonds meets the highest standards to become a
RB SELECT engagement diamond.

Each and every engagement diamond is hand-selected for visual beauty and everlasting quality.

Our most extensive collection of engagement diamonds; available in a wide array of shapes including round, princess, cushion and more

Our Select Diamonds are perfect for any price point and the collection features an incredible range of sizes (carat weight), clarity and color to choose from.

Your dream engagement ring setting has just met its perfect match.

What makes your Select diamond an Engagement Diamond?

  • Hand-selected for visual beauty and intense sparkle
  • Chosen for structural integrity and quality
  • Responsibly sourced and conflict free
  • Never fracture filled or laser drilled
Guaranteed 110% by our Diamond Guarantee

Where to find your RB Select Engagement Diamond




Fullerton Riverside Arlington Bellevue
Glendale San Diego Dallas Seattle
Mission Viejo Torrance Houston/Clearlake
Montclair Woodland Hills Houston Loop