Spectacularly beautiful diamonds from the highest quality diamond mines in the frozen Canadian tundra.

This pristine environment allows for a cleaner diamond rough that surpasses other mines throughout the world. When meticulously cut, this diamond sparkles, releasing a full spectrum of the spectacular dancing lights of the North.

Every Northern Lights diamond comes with an AGS Platinum Certification as well as a Certificate of Origin proving it is mined, cut and polished in Canada — which has the strictest environmental regulations for mining, cutting and polishing and a commitment to social responsibility.

Every Northern Lights diamond is laser inscribed with a unique serial number and the iconic Canadian maple leaf that proudly identifies it as a Canadian diamond.

Northern Lights: a Robbins Brothers exclusive.

What makes your Northern Lights diamond an Engagement Diamond?

  • Hand-selected for visual beauty and intense sparkle
  • Chosen for structural integrity and quality
  • Responsibly sourced and conflict free
  • Never fracture filled or laser drilled
Guaranteed 110% by our Diamond Guarantee

Where to find your Northern Lights Diamond



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