Getting Started.

From learning the basics to finding your "Yes!"

"Maybe you've seen Robbins Brothers' TV commercials where the happy couple rejoices at their "Yes!" moment. That's the moment we all work for, but you may wonder how to get there."

First, take a deep breath and realize just how lucky you are. You found each other and you are ready to take the next step. Feels great doesn't it?

Now, the ring. Not sure what to do? Where to start? Use this simple guide and learn how to find the ring, select the diamond and complete the ring for the one who completes you. It's easy and fun. You're ready, so let's get started!

Let's Get Started
The Ring

The ultimate symbol of lasting romance, commitment, and true love.

Discovering your ring begins with learning about our incredible selection of Modern, Vintage, and Classic styles. We invite you in-store to try on as many rings as you like, feel their weight, see the beauty of their detailing first hand. Then we'll show you how our quality standards set our rings apart from the rest.

Discover the Ring
The Diamond

See how diamonds hand-selected for beauty and quality really are different.

Having the industry's pickiest buyers means we offer the finest diamonds possible. Only 1 in 10 diamonds makes the cut to be a Robbins Brothers diamond. Explore these beauties up-close in our Diamond Viewing Room. It's an experience only available at your nearest location.

Discover the Diamond
The Difference

We believe in happily-ever-after, especially when it comes to quality and service.

When you walk into a store what should you expect? We believe you should be greeted warmly by informed, friendly staff, treated with respect, perhaps offered a beverage and then be given an amazing experience that leads you to the perfect ring and diamond. Then, you should have that experience repeated every time you return.

Discover The Difference
THE Guarantee

The best selection. The finest quality. The strongest support. THE Guarantee.

The most beautiful rings and diamonds under one roof. The most qualified and knowledgeable staff you'll encounter, and the strongest support after purchase in the business. Combined, they form THE Guarantee.

What else would you expect from THE Engagement Ring Store? After all, this is all we do.

Discover The Guarantee