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After all, we are THE Engagement Ring Store. From our very own Select Diamonds to Eco-Friendly lab-created diamonds, the unique 98-faceted Echo Diamond and the exquisite and rare Forevermark Diamond, we have the diamond of your dreams.

Robbins Brothers Diamonds

Introducing Robbins Brothers Select Diamonds

Each and every diamond hand-selected for visual beauty and everlasting quality.

Our most extensive collection of hand-selected, visually beautiful diamonds.

  • Available in widest array of shapes including round, princess, cushion, marquise and more
  • Our broadest range of sizes (carat weights) in stock and available by special order
  • Array of clarity and color ranges; a diamond for every budget
  • Every Select Diamond comes with our complimentary 110% Diamond Guarantee
Robbins Brothers Select Diamonds

Robbins Brothers Exclusive Echo Diamond

98 Facets of Brilliance. One Spectacular Way To Say "I Love You."

98 Hand-Cut Facets

The Echo Diamond has 98 hand-cut facets arranged for maximum brilliance and every Echo comes with our complimentary 110% Diamond Guarantee!

The Echo’s facet placement allows more light movement and more sparkle, which delivers a brighter diamond. Visually more beautiful. Visually more brilliant.

Robbins Brothers ECHO Diamonds

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Laser Inscription

Every Echo Diamond at Robbins Brothers is laser inscribed with the Echo logo and IGI certificate number. This unique feature gives you peace of mind thanks to the added security of having the number inscribed on the diamond girdle that identifies your Echo Diamond.

ECHO Diamonds Lase Inscription

Light Return Certificate

Imagem's Light Performance Index defines a diamond's effectiveness by returning the maximum amount of light as it is seen coming from the diamond. The Echo with 98 facets of brilliance scores exceptionally well on the Imagem Light Return Certificate, an object measurement of the brilliance of the diamond.

ECHO Diamonds Light Return Certficate

Certified & Conflict-Free

100% Conflict-Free (just like our entire diamond and jewelry inventory).

Cut Grade:
Very Good or Excellent

Very Good or Excellent

IGI certified

Laser Inscribed:
IGI certificate number and "Echo"

Imagem Light Return Report:
Very Good or Excellent

Canadian Diamonds

Some of the most brilliant diamonds in the world are found right here on our continent, in the frozen tundra of the Northwest Territories. The frigid climate creates diamonds that are harder and can therefore sustain a higher polish than ordinary diamonds found elsewhere.

Diamonds mined in Canada, like all diamonds carried at Robbins Brothers, are guaranteed to be conflict-free. Canada also has the strictest environmental regulations for mining diamonds in the world. Every Canadian Diamond offered at Robbins Brothers is backed by our 110% Diamond Guarantee. Currently available at our Seattle and Bellevue locations.

Robbins Brothers Canadian Diamonds

The Forevermark® Diamond

The world’s most carefully selected diamonds. Every Forevermark® Diamond comes with a promise that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced.

DeBeers Forevermark Diamonds At Robbins Brothers

Robbins Brothers is proud to be a select authorized Forevermark® jeweler. Currently available at our Torrance, Dallas, and Houston / Loop locations.

Less than one percent of the world's diamonds are eligible to become a Forevermark® diamond.

Forevermark® diamonds are genuine, untreated and natural; their beauty is unleashed by master craftsmen using skill and artistry passed down through generations. As part of the De Beers group of companies, Forevermark® benefits from 120 years of diamond expertise.

Your diamond is inscribed with the Forevermark® icon, together with a unique number that identifies it as yours. Invisible to the naked eye, the inscription is not only proof that each diamond is as treasured and unique as the bond it signifies, but also allows you to register your diamond for extra assurance.

Every Forevermark® diamond comes with our complimentary 110% Diamond Guarantee.