Classic Ring Styles

Little black dress. Pearls and diamonds. Elegant and timeless.

You prefer a classic design that retains an alluring beauty and elegance. These rings play it just safe enough - yet at the same time allow room for a personal details and special little touches. This collection features elegant beauties that go beyond fads or trends retaining a timeless style whose allure will never lessen.

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Engagement Ring Styles

Classic Design Details

  • Baguette Detail

    Baguette Detail

    This elongated rectangular diamond ensures a clean classic look.

  • Prong Setting

    Prong Setting

    Four delicate prongs firmly hold the diamond in perfect position for maximum brilliance.

  • Channel Setting

    Channel Setting

    Set between two thin metal bars, diamonds reflect light which adds sparkle and shine.

  • Three Stone Detail

    Three Stone

    The classic three stone setting features three diamonds in a row, creating three times the sparkle and shine.

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