Candlelight™ Collection

Imagine an intimate dinner for two and a bottle of champagne. Dessert comes but instead of crème brulee the waiter presents you with a little box. The man of your dreams is on bended knee asking you to marry him, and he slips a spectacular diamond engagement ring from the Candlelight™ Collection on your left ring finger. Your answer, of course, is “yes.”

One of the most romantic diamond shapes in recent history is the beloved cushion cut diamond. Each ring featured in the Candlelight Collection stars a stunning cushion cut diamond, a shape that is cut with facets larger than found in most other diamonds. In fact, the cushion was originally called a candlelight diamond as it sparkled and shined beautifully in the gentle reflection of a candle flame before electric lights were common. Exquisite side diamonds complete what will become the most enduring symbol of your love: your engagement ring.

The Candlelight Collection.
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